Batman: Assault on Arkham Trailer


After the post-credits scene in Arkham Origins and the recent episode of Arrow, it should come as no surprise that WB are pushing the Suicide Squad again.

I wonder if it’s time to sell my mint copy of Suicide Squad #1…

Yes, it’s Kevin Conroy voicing Batman. No, it doesn’t feature wither Mark Hamill or Troy Baker as Joker. Yes, we find that annoying.

What do you make of the trailer? Looks better than Son of Batman at least.


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Batman’s Knights: Arkhamverse Allies II – Arkham Knight

Long before any allies were announced for Batman: Arkham City, we took a look at the possible allies that could join Batman inside the walls of the mega-prison.
Now, with Arkham Knight only six months away, we’re back to do the same thing with the finale of the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy.

Judging from our community’s responses, it’s safe to say that Nightwing is a popular choice for inclusion in Arkham Knight. Featured as a voiceless playable challenge map character in 2011′s Arkham City, fans are clamouring for more Grayson.
Richard “Dick” Grayson was the youngest in a family of acrobats known as the Flying Graysons. Their death-defying act was all that kept the circus where they performed in business. As the people of Gotham clamoured for tickets to the show, the mob came looking for their cut. After the circus owner refused them, mobsters killed Dick’s parents during a packed performance attended by Bruce Wayne.
Wanting to protect the devastated orphan, Bruce took Dick under his wing and became his legal guardian, eventually entrusting the boy with his greatest secret. Desperate to help his friend and mentor, Dick trained hard to become Robin, patrolling Gotham at Batman’s side.
Now an adult, Dick fights crime on his own as the vigilante called Nightwing.
As Nightwing he really hit new heights, with his own city (Blüdhaven) to protect. Taking a job in the Blüdhaven Police Department, Dick sought to root out the corruption from with and to clean up the city day and night.
Arkhamverse Sightings:
Playable in Arkham City challenge maps, Nightwing protected Wayne Manor and Alfred from Tyger Guards as Protocol 10 was in effect. Nightwing made multiple appearances in the Arkham Unhinged series.
Possible Role in Arkham Knight:
The perfect back-up for Batman, they fight together ‘like a well oiled machine’. Nightwing is an all-rounder, but he excels at parkour-like acrobatics. Perhaps a character exclusive free-running pursuit mission in the challenge rooms would be the best place for him?
Following on from the news that co-op was considered, we wonder if an AI Nightwing might accompany Batman during a sequence or side mission. Regardless, we expect to see him along with Robin in the main story, ready to help Batman during the climax of the Scarecrow’s plans.
Chances of Appearing: 9/10
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Better quality versions of Arkham Knight screens we’ve already had

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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[VIDEO] Leaked Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough part 3


The third part of the leaked DLC walkthrough is here. It certainly seem longer that Harley Quinn’s Revenge…

Check it out here:


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[VIDEO] Leaked Cold, Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough part 2


The second part of the leaked DLC walkthrough is here, folks. Enjoy before it’s taken down.

Check it out here:


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WIN Batman: Arkham Origins with Start Replay


Our friends over at Start Replay are giving away copies of Batman: Arkham Origins on both PS3 and Xbox360.

With the Cold, Cold Heart story DLC being released at the end of the month, this is a perfect time to pick the game up if you haven’t played it yet or to get an extra copy for a friend (or trade-in) if you have.

Simply head over to their Facebook page, give it a like and send them a message with the answer to this riddle, which relates to a video game character featured during the Playstation One era:

“I’m a mammal of a different shade. Half human, half robot is how I’m made. Who am I?”

Good luck!

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[VIDEO] Arkham Origins’ Cold, Cold Heart DLC LEAKED EARLY


Whoops! It seems that someone’s made a gaff and released Arkham Origins‘ Cold, Cold Heart DLC early in some regions. Fortunately enough for us, it’s been captured on video and released on YouTube.

Check it out here:


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Batman: Assault on Arkham will be rated PG-13


That probably equates to a ’12′ in the UK.

The sexual content is obviously not graphic in nature, as that would require a higher age rating. We imagine it has more to do with character design than any thing that we need to be worried about fitting into what we expect from Batman.


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XE Batman watches over Gotham from GothCorp in Origins’ DLC


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[FULL VIDEO] “Batman: Strange Days” Animated Short

As part of WB’s celebrations of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, Bruce Timm has put together a short based upon an early Hugo Strange story.

Check it out here:


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